Last Updated:July 9,2008

1.On the use of the IR information

IR information posted on this website is for the purpose of providing financial information and management indices of Sanyodo Holdings Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company" ), and the Company makes no representations or warranties about the content.
The information posted on the website is not intended for the purpose of investment solicitation. When investing, please avoid relying only on the information on this website and make investment decisions using your own independent judgment.

2.On the information posted

The Company has taken all reasonable care in posting information on this website. However, the Company disclaims liability for any errors in the posted information, falsification of data by a third party, failure arising from downloading of data, etc., irrespective of the reason.

3.On the outlook

The information posted on this website includes descriptions about future performance. Such descriptions are not guarantees of future performance and may incorporate risks and uncertainty. Please note that actual results may deviate from any future performance described on the website, for reasons such as changes in the operating environment.

4.On the operation of the website

The operation of this website may be subject to interruptions or may be discontinued, and the content may be changed without notice, or you may not be able to properly use the website because of communications difficulties, issues with your computer, or other reasons. Please note that the Company disclaims liability for any trouble, loss, or damage arising from any of the factors described above.