The Sanyodo Group conducts business activities with the concept of "Creating a world without boredom." aiming to achieve sustainable growth. Based on this policy, we offer a wide variety of products and highly convenient services to our customers, ensuring compliance with appropriate corporate activities to secure profits and aim for long-term growth.

Despite the market for magazines and rentals continuing to shrink due to the diverse ways consumers now spend their time with video and music distribution, smartphones, and other digital activities, new markets are emerging as people increasingly value enjoyment, learning, and health.

In this evolving business environment, the Sanyodo Group has centered its strategy around hybrid bookstores that sell both new and used books. We have expanded our DVD and CD rental and sales sections, as well as our stationery and fancy goods sections, to better align with changing customer needs. Additionally, we are integrating e-commerce with our physical stores to create the "Smart Book Variety Stores" format, which provides smart and convenient services.

Through this "Smart Book Variety Stores" format, the Sanyodo Group aims to not only continue our existing bookstore business but also to promote new ventures such as used hobby items and large-scale trading card shops equipped with Duel Spaces. Our goal is to offer our customers new value, enjoyment, and convenience.

We sincerely ask for your continued support and cooperation as we embrace new opportunities and challenges in the future.

Chief Executive Officer, President
Kazuhiro Kato